About Enrichment Haus Asia

Education is about producing an experience worthy of the student's capabilities. Enrichment programmes are not the sidekicks to academic programmes. They are intended to heighten the learning curve by allowing pupils to better absorb, comprehend, explore, and apply various knowledge in creative ways.

The Ministry of Education's direction is to provide students with a balanced and well rounded education, develop them to their full potential, and nurture them into good citizens. Substantiating that direction Enrichment Haus Asia is the complete solution to every student's developmental and enrichment needs. Schools and parents come to us for a range of workshops and programmes that address the communication, the arts, motivational and academic aspects of learning.

Seasoned education professionals with a blended experience of over 20 years deliver enrichment programmes of the highest quality for schools and parents in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region.

The cumulative experience that our team has includes offering these programmes to over 700 Pre Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, International Schools and Tertiary Institutes in Singapore.

Enrichment Haus Asia is determined to create a collaborative, explorative and nurturing experience for our students.

Everyone has an experience at Enrichment Haus Asia.

Our Approach

Applying an advanced combination of multi-sensory learning methods enhanced by interactive teaching methods and activities, Enrichment Haus Asia's programmes are designed to sustain and enhance our students' natural development and to help groom them for life.

Learning is an on-going journey. We firmly trust in a curriculum that is progressive and requires plenty of transformative, communicative and creative learning experiences. We draw powerful principles and practices from these four pillars;

  • Motivation and behavioural sciences
  • Fun, experiential learning
  • Communication (Writing & Speaking)
  • Social and emotional facets of learning
  • Skills set based learning

We have developed a course of study that concentrates on learning through experience. It combines the best of both theme base and emergent curriculum.

We empower children by creating learning experiences that will advance and propel them to create opportunities for themselves.